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In December of 2012, Newsweek went totally electronic, that is, there are no more hard copies of Newsweek being printed.  The library took this opportunity to examine our current magazine subscriptions.  Several subscriptions have been dropped, but they have been replaced with new magazines.

The new magazine titles available at Peabody Township Library are: 

Newsmax, Forbes, Horse Illustrated, Family Circle, Parents, and Outdoor Life.

As always, these titles are available for 3 week check out just like other magazines and books.  Stop by and check out our new selection!

It has been a long time coming.  It’s finally here.  Thanks to a generous donation in memory of Adele and Harold Taylor, the Peabody Township Library has started a website where anybody can digitally search the Peabody Gazette Bulletin.  To access the site, go to the website listed below and follow the directions.


You can also find a link to this website on the right side of this page under the caption “links” and then “Digital Archive of Peabody Township Library”

Currently, only papers from July 2004 through December 2009 are available.  Keep an eye on this site because during 2013, it will grow substantially as additional papers are added.  It is hoped that the entire history of the Peabody Gazette Bulletin from 1874 through 2012 will be available to digital researchers around the world before Christmas 2013!

Other items to add to this site are being considered.  If you have suggestions, please e-mail the library at peabodytownshiplibrary@gmail.com

Six Skills by Six Years -

Children get ready to read long before they start school.  Early literacy is what children know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write. Here are six skills children should experience before their sixth birthday:

1.  Have fun with books

2.  Notice Print All Around You

3.  Look for Letters Everwhere

4.  Tell Stories About Everthing

5.  Take Time to Rhyme, Sing and Play Word Games

6.  Talk, Talk, Talk

You’re Invited!

To learn about the six skills and how to help families foster these skills in young children:  Wednesday, March 13, 2013

9 to 11 a.m.

Peabody Township Library, 214 N. Walnut Street, Ann Potter Room

If you plan to attend, please let Rodger know at: peabodytownshiplibrary@gmail.com


The Peabody Township Library is a drop off location for used ink or toner cartridges.  Bring them to the Library and use the drop box beside the reference desk.  Recycling these devices not only is good for the environment but also helps individuals with mental and physical disadvantages.  Come to the library to find out how!

The questions of the day are: “Why is it so important that I update my personal information at the library.  I mean it’s not a crime is it if the library can’t get ahold of me is it?  So, why should I care?  Isn’t it safer if I keep this information to myself? ”

The question most librarians will ask to answer your question is “So, you don’t mind paying fines and late fees?”  Many library patrons only come to the library once in awhile.  Hey, life happens and the next thing you know, you haven’t been to the library in well over two and a half months.  But wait, the books you checked out last time were due in only three weeks.  You have now accumulated close to $4.00 in fines for each book or magazine you checked out and close to $5.00 in fines for every Audio Book or DVD borrowed!

May I offer a little insight into the way our library is currently working?  When books are late by more than a day or two, the library will pull the cards and try to contact the patrons to offer a friendly reminder about their overdue materials.  If a patron asks, the librarian will renew that title over the telephone and the fines STOP.  So instead of having to pay $4.00 or $5.00 per title, the patron will only have to pay ten or twenty cents!  If, however, the librarian can not contact you because you moved or your telephone number changed, the librarian will have to let the fines accumulate.  Financially, it pays to keep your current information on file at the library.

As to safety, the Peabody Township Library will never release our patron list or ANY of their contact information to any group for any reason.  Your information is treated with the highest standard of privacy.  You will not be put on any mailing lists nor will your telephone numbers be released to any calling lists.  The contact information you provided will only be used for internal library use.  Also, it is password protected and secured in an off site location.  So, if our computer should be stolen (as has happened recently with other government agencies), your personal data is still safe and secure.

So, the next time the librarian asks about your personal contact information, he is not trying to pry, he is simply trying to serve you better.  If your information has changed recently and you are not sure the library has your correct information, take just a second and visit with your librarian to bring him up to speed.  Just a few seconds could save you $$$.

The end of every other month, the NCKL Book van returns to the Peabody Township Library with new books. Our book order has 350 books. The books are Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Inspirational,  Romance,  Mystery, Westerns, General Fiction and Large Type Books with Mystery, Romance, Western, General (F & NF), Inspirational and Non-Fiction books.

The first Food Safety Certification class will be offered at the Peabody Township Library on Monday, September 26, 2011.  The class uses the ServSafe food safety instruction developed by the National Restaurant Association and distributed by the Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association.  The class will be taught by the Library Director, Rodger Charles who has been a certified food safety instructor since 2008.  The class teaches many areas of food handling and safety tips to prevent food becoming contaminated and decreasing the likelihood of food born illnesses.  The class is recommended for anyone working in the food service industry.  Upon successful completion of the class, and passing the required written test, participants will receive a certificate in food safety which is valid for 3 years and recognized in all 50 states.  The class will be taught by appointment only.  If you are interested in participating in the food safety training, contact Library Director Rodger Charles for pricing and availability.

Rodger L. Charles, Library Director

Rodger Charles, Library Director for the Peabody Township Library.  Come grow with us and rediscover your Library.

Donations Appreciated

Ann Potter Room after reconstruction

The Ann Potter Room, which is a large meeting place located in the basement of the library, is ready for use.  The construction is complete.  Donations from the community were necessary to make it possible for the basement to be used for community events.

Several generous donations were given   The room can be booked for events by calling the Library at (620) 983-2502.

Ann Potter Memorial Meeting Room before renovation

Carnegie Library History

Peabody Kansas Carnegie Library

Check out the History of YOUR Peabody Library site with links to more information.  How did the Peabody Library get in Peabody, Kansas?  The Peabody Gazette-Bulletin from 1913 and 1914 help answer the question.  See Articles from the Peabody newspaper.

More information is planned to be added in the future, so please come back again!

Memories and stories may be submitted.

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